Synergy oils

All the know-how of Kaé, with argan oil in synergy with essential oils.

Huile corps et massage circulatoire - Circulatory Massage Oil

This extra fine and delicately perfumed oil is non-greasy and quickly absorbed, while lemon essential oil - noted for its ability to naturally tighten the skin - aids skin’s appearance against cellulite and unevenness. 

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Huile corps et massage sensuelle - Sensual Massage Oil

This Sensual Oil is a relaxing, aromatic blend of argan oil and ylang ylang - deemed the “flower of the flowers,” - cultivated in Madagascar and the Comoros. Argan oil nourishes and hydrates the skin, whilst the exotic scent of ylang [...] [Read more]

Huile corps et massage tonifiante - Tonifying Massage Oil

Rich in 100% natural and organic essential oils, this massage oil has a fresh and uplifting fragrance. The soft, non-greasy argan oil glides along the skin for a comforting massage. 

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